I’ve been doing graphic design in a professional manner since 2005, and since 2008 i began my self-employed graphic designer carreer and ever since i am doing my way
As a graphic designer i dealt with all types of jobs but over the years i consolidated my position in corporate identity but never neglected my first design love: print design. Later i have enlarged the design services specter to web design.

My first attempts at logo design were in 2003 when I did a couple of logos for some of my friends. Probably that i liked too much the feeling I had when I provided the perfect design to one of my first customers. That’s why i started to dig out for more about logo design and so I’ve discovered Worth1000 – a website dedicated to graphic design and illustrations (edit: in 2015 www.worth1000.com was sold and all the awesome photoshop contests went into a shaded area). The website had in the past a section for professional design (paid corporate) projects where customers could submit a contest for logo design for example. Do i have to mention that soon my trophy mantle was full of winning designs? I remember that W1K was also the place where i have learned Illustrator and Photoshop, thing that helped me a lot more later.

In the following years i have sold over 1000 logos to different companies around the world, supplying my clients with professional logo ideas, creative designs for their business.
I have also expanded my services in the web design sector and I think that now I can leave my creative touch in all graphic design sectors.


Self taught designer with a university degree in Mechanical Engineering. Yep, i know it’s weird…But i think that in the end my talent on design and drawing won against mechanics.
I worked in different companies as graphic designer until i discovered freelance – almost 7 years ago – now almost 12 years of brand design. Since then i like to think of my self like to a person that lives for designing, and the words professional design are no longer considered a problem for me.

In my free time i like fishing, good whisky and i like spending time with my wife and kid  and my three kids, so i guess you could say i have extended my professional design skills towards a more vast business sector called LIFE 🙂