December 22, 2015 brandbrite

In order to help my clients i have build a basic list of frequently asked questions and my answers.

1 What kind of design services do you offer and how do i know if your skills fit my requirements?

I am creating unique and custom tailored design solutions suited for my client’s business from all over the world.
Research based design process and strategy composition of my works bring a unique touch over your business.
If you are interested in having an image to lift up your business standards, a new fresh start for your company, please feel free to complete the questionnaire or send me an e-mail.
Moreover, i adapt my skills and  design process to the specific industry and finalize the project.

2What are your prices or do you have a price range for your offered services?


As we all know design process differs from client to client, thus i don’t have a complete price list. I prefer to listen to what a client has to say in front and then work on a customized solution based on the client’s needs.
You can send me an e-mail first and then i can setup a chat or a phone call for more specific requests.

3What kind of files do you deliver and how can i get to use them?


There are no standard deliverable files, but in the majority of the cases those could be:

  • logo files in vector format
  • stationery files – always ready for print and editable using specific design programs like Adobe Illustrator for example
  • web design files – psd layered, Illustrator layered.
  • other file formats

Throughout the whole project i will give support, communicate the steps of the design process and offer guidance on how to use the design files i have delivered you.

4How long does a project take to complete? Do you setup milestones and timestamps for each step of the design process?

design solutions

Depends of the size of the project and the specific requests. My recommendation is that a project should take 1-2weeks but as always i can adapt to the client requirements and it can be done in a shorter period of time. Remember this could mean a slightly increase of the design project costs.
Any project is accompanied by precise design process milestones and time stamps. Moreover, customers will have access to a design project management system where they can interact with me, set new requirements and provide realtime feedback, requesting quick updates, upload new brief guides, and so on.

5How do we get started and what information do I need to send in order for you to start working ?


The first step is to send me a detailed brief or go ahead and fill out my project questionnaire form. Next i will have a look over the requests and get in touch with you for any other further questions i may have. For most projects I require a 50% down payment* that can be done via PayPal – accepting other payment processors including wire transfer. The remaining project balance will be paid upon completion of the project, prior to the final file(s) delivery.

* All payments do not include the fees associated with the transaction, or other third-party transactionalfees involved in the process.